• If Your Story Could Change the World, Would You Tell It?

    Story Activism

    We provide space for Canadian women who are living with social injustice to share their stories in our magazine and on our podcast. We mobilize the general community to support these women and the organizations that are working to create change.

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Taslim's Story

When I see women hurt, it’s like an injustice has been done to me, and to my mom, and to my daughters. I need to be able to look at my daughters and say, I am doing the very best I can to create a world where your femininity is celebrated, where you are handled with care – physically and emotionally, where your merits are discussed more than your makeup. I want to look them in the eyes and say, I’m championing you every step of the way.

I anticipate this journey to be eye-opening and sacred. I will likely need help to pick my heart up off the ground at times. But I would much rather be broken open so that I can grow into the highest version of myself...

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Karen's Story

Look beyond the statistics: there are real stories standing behind you in the grocery store line, they are collecting their children from the same playground you stand beside after school. These co-workers and school parents, teachers and friends of friends their eyelids hide tales of prosecution, persecution, discrimination, and suffering. And when I started looking for these stories right here in my own community, I was painfully startled by how easy they were to find. I only needed to become aware. I only needed to stop and listen. And I am ready to not just huddle, to bear witness to the wreckage but to bear the weight of responsibility too.

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Your Story

Her Story, Our Story is a platform for telling the stories of Canadian women. Each issue of our magazine and episode of our podcast shines a spotlight on the lived experiences of our neighbours and friends. We explore social issues through story and hope that in doing so we are moving people toward social action, igniting a spark of change and empowering the storyteller with the beauty of being heard. We celebrate difference not as that which divides us but that which brings us closer together and closer to a world we can leave in good conscience for our daughters. Do you have a story to tell? Do you want to play a part?

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What is Her Story?

Until the Story of the hunt is told by the Lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter. – African Proverb

We are story activists.

Bear witness. Listen to the stories.

Act to create change.

Her Story is a collective of women inspired by the lived experiences of our sisters to acknowledge trauma, suffering and injustice right here in Canada, and to boldly march together to affect social change.

We are creators of story activism: first we must bear witness, listen to the stories of our country’s marginalized. Then, we must come together to act.

We create awareness for important social issues through media campaigns, and through our own media platforms: Her Story, Our Story magazine and Her Story podcast. We use the power of story to empower and incite other women to stand up, join together and be bold and brave in asking for what we need.

Each year we bring four social causes that affect Canadian women into the spotlight: our magazine and podcast feature the lived experiences, as well as facts and commentary, and our media campaign highlights the experts and organizations that are working hard to right this wrong. We give all of our community members opportunities to become social activists alongside us through something as simple as spreading the message of support or something more in depth such as volunteering in their community, petitioning local and federal government or coming forward with their own experiences.

We believe that social change is possible. We believe that together we can make things happen. We believe that it all starts with listening to the stories of our sisters and giving the power of voice to women.

Photo of Sandie, who will be featured in an upcoming issue, by Sarah Amaral Photography.


If your story could change the world, would you tell it?

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