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What Can I Do?

This is the question we most want to celebrate.

We share the lived experiences of women in order to spark social change. If you are visiting our website, and arrive here asking "What Can I Do?" then we feel proud: we hope we have inspired you.

This page will officially launch in January, when we announce the topic of our first magazine edition, podcast episode and media campaign. Ready to get involved now? Consider pitching a guest blog post to us. If you have a story that you feel needs to be told, we'd also love to connect with you. Connect:

Our Values:

  • The art of telling otherwise untold stories is a radical act worthy of our attention, care and support;
  • Every voice deserves to be heard, including and specifically, the voice of the misunderstood, and maligned;
  • Those who identify as women ought to reach across cultural, religious and socio-economic barriers to recognize our collective sisterhood and fundamental sameness;
  • It is through story that we will call into question harmful misunderstandings and assumptions, which put our future growth at risk;
  • It is through story that we will grow our empathy muscles and help others to do the same. Empathy carries great power and potential.


**Call for photographers: We are also looking for original photographs by Canadian photographers, and photographers willing to work on assignment.**

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