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Her Story, Our Story

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story. – Maya Angelou

We are creators of story activism: first we must bear witness, listen to the stories of our country’s marginalized. Then, we must come together to act.

We create awareness for important social issues through media campaigns, and through our own media platforms: Her Story, Our Story magazine and Her Story podcast.

Each year we bring four social causes that affect Canadian women into the spotlight: our magazine and podcast feature the lived experiences, as well as facts and commentary, and our media campaign highlights the experts and organizations that are working hard to right this wrong. We give all of our community members opportunities to become social activists alongside us through something as simple as spreading the message of support or something more in depth such as volunteering in their community, petitioning local and federal government or coming forward with their own experiences.

We will launch with our first issue March 2017.

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Photo of Sandie by Sarah Amaral Photography.